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A Wendy house is a playhouse that is big enough for one child to play in. It can be a plastic kit or a real, scaled-down house. It is a great place for a child to explore his or her creative side and develop their imagination. It is also a great gift idea for a toddler or young child, or it can simply be used to store garden tools in.


Wooden Wendy houses can be put together in as little as 3-4 hours. They are made from thick Birch plywood, which is glued with phenolic resins. The timbers for a wendy house are easily available from building suppliers and timber merchants.


If your child wants to build a Wendy House but you don’t want to invest in a permanent construction, you can buy a plastic playhouse. These houses are portable and are perfect for yards where permanent construction is not an option. The design of a Wendy house has changed over the years, but the basic idea is the same. Today, you can find models that have several rooms, a T-shaped footprint, and elaborate windows and porches. Many of these houses are even built with planter boxes.


There are several benefits of using Wendy House Steel for your home. It’s durable, has good insulation properties, and is extremely easy to construct. In addition, it is easy to maintain. If you’re looking for an affordable way to construct a Wendy house, consider using pine logs. If you’d like a more elaborate look, you can also use nutec, which is a man-made cement fiberboard. This type of material combines small artificial fibers with cement to create a strong board.

Nutec boards

If you’re interested in creating a sustainable, low-maintenance Wendy House, consider using Nutec boards. These durable boards are made from man-made fibers that won’t rot or attract rats and mice. They’re also highly resistant to strong winds and rain. Though Nutec houses cost a bit more to purchase, they will require less maintenance over the life of the structure.

Wooden decking

Wooden decking makes an excellent base for a playhouse. This type of decking is usually wider than the playhouse, and is ideal for a child’s playhouse. It can also be extended to create a verandah area.


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