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A Wendy house is a small playhouse that’s a fun place for children to relax and play. These pint-sized abodes are named after the character Wendy from J.M. Barrie’s play Peter Pan.

This particular Wendy house from Earthscape Studio is located on a forested site and showcases an environment-sensitive approach. The complex vault structures are arranged to camouflage with the surrounding trees.

Wooden Floor

Wendy houses traditionally have a wooden floor, made from layers of boards and spars. The base of the building is usually concrete, which makes the structure more robust and allows it to withstand a heavy load. This type of foundation also means that a wendy house does not require a permit, though it may be necessary to consult your neighbours to make sure it doesn’t obstruct their view.

Generally, wendy houses are clad with pine boards. These are often sourced from plantations that were removed to allow the recovery of indigenous flora and fauna. They are treated and complies with SABS standards. However, they provide little to no structural strength, and it is only the solid timber frame that provides the strength of a wendy house.

The roof of a wendy house can be flat, or pitched. A flat roof slopes from both sides and reaches an apex in the middle of the structure. A pitch, on the other hand, slopes from one side and meets at a gable on either end of the structure.

Concrete Foundation

The foundation is usually made of concrete. This is a more permanent solution than the wooden floor and makes your wendy house much stronger. However, it is also more expensive.

We can supply you with a pre-mixed concrete that saves you the time and hassle of mixing cement, sand and gravel yourself. This product is a good choice for smaller jobs and can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to mix a conventional concrete.

Some larger homeowners have taken to building Wendy houses not just for play, but for use as garden sheds and even as workshop spaces. These are usually slightly bigger than true Wendy houses but still preserve the general style and design of the structure.

Cement Boards

Wendy houses are small structures, playhouses or cabins that can be used as children’s play structures, entertainment huts, or for storage. They are typically built out of wood and can be made in different sizes depending on their purpose. They are a common sight in South Africa, where they are commonly referred to as “wendy houses”. The term “wendy house” is often confused with corrugated iron homes, which are also called shacks, but these are not the same type of home.

Cement boards such as Nutec are often used to clad Wendy houses in place of traditional pine wood planks. This material is more expensive than pine clad, but will last longer and require less maintenance.

A wooden wendy house is ideal for Guard housing, as it is quick to build and reasonably priced. Contact one of our Local Pros agents for a quote on a custom or standard size guard hut. Make sure that your wendy house is positioned on a paved surface as putting it straight onto grass will make it more unstable and likely to collapse.


A Wendy house is a children’s playhouse, often found in a garden. It has a peaked roof and a tiny front door and window. It is usually painted a traditional cottage style and may even include a porch like this BillyOh Bunny Max Playhouse.

In many countries, these structures are known as a cubby house or playhouse, but the name Wendy house remains more popular in the UK and some parts of Australia. The design of a Wendy house can vary widely, from simple designs to luxury miniature abodes that mimic villas and castles.

Some homeowners use a Wendy house as a garden shed, but others choose to turn it into an office or extra room for accommodation. It is also possible to transform a Wendy house into a she-shed or man-cave with some added customised touches. For example, you could add curtains and cushions to give the structure a more welcoming look. Alternatively, you can put in some plants to create an attractive garden shed that is sure to make your neighbours jealous.

Wisdom Gumede
Author: Wisdom Gumede