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Wendy house plans free download.

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Wendy house plans free download-Get these plans by clicking the link on the right.

Looking free Wendy house plans? So were we. It seems like they’re not that easy to come by but we did manage to find a set that are really good. It’s a free giveaway from US based shed plan supplier who have provided a set of plans free to promote their paid set of woodwork plans. We were looking for a Wendy house plans free download and came across this PDF which you can download here: Wendy house plans free download.

The only challenge is that all the measurements are listed in feet and inches, which could make it tricky as you have to convert all the measurements yourself. The actual plans are solid though and you should be able to find all the equivalent materials at your local South African hardware store, so if you’re good at DIY and looking for some new storage space, give it a bash.