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5 Ultra modern Wendy houses that showcase cutting edge design.

Wendy houses don’t have to be a bleak fixture at the back of the garden. If you’re using your Wendy house as a home office, a showroom or a granny flat, there’s no rule that says it has to look like a standard tool shed. Check out these cutting edge Wendy house designs and let your creativity run wild!

This one via inhabitat is small, practical and looks awesome!



This one via bamboofurnituresale shows what can be done when you really bend your mind.

Round modern wendy house


Super modern and sleek. This design by white horse barns would look fantastic anywhere.Contemporary wendy

Stepping stones design have come up this really cool concept. What I particularly like is the little matching doggy kennel next to it.

Modern Wendy with matching dog kennel

This slick looking Wendy house from Metroshed would really work as anything from a home office to a yoga studio. I’d really like to see one in my yard.

Slick looking Wendy house

These cutting edge designs can really make you forget that a wendy house is just a storage space. Awesome inspirational stuff for sure.