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Nutec Wendy houses

If you looking for Nutec Wendy houses, look no further! Nutec Wendy houses are available from many of the suppliers listed on our pages. Just pick the nearest supplier to you by looking through our wendy houses for sale menu and give them a call now.

While wood is still very popular as a material for wendy houses, Nutec is a fibre cement option that offers a variety of benefits. Nutec does cost a bit more so it’s not the best option if you’re looking for the cheapest deal. It is however super durable. It lasts longer than wood and requires almost no treatment.It’s resistant to fire, rodents and is also resistant to fungus. This makes it an ideal option for areas where maintenance is difficult.

If you’re looking for storage space and you just know that a wendy house is the perfect solution to your problems but you’re worried about the regular treatment of wood, then Nutec is the perfect material for you. Whether it s for a new garden shed, a granny flat, a dog kennel or a guard house, a wendy house should soulve the problem.

Nutec is also a great insulator and is easy to paint. This new material is also free of asbestos , and is environmentally friendly. Give one of our listed suppliers a call now for more information on Nutec Wendy houses.