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Guard houses

What makes a good guard house? Well there are many factors and quite honestly, a lot of it comes down to budget. Guard houses are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes but there are a few things we need to take into account when building or buying a security guard house that go above and beyond a wendy house that would have another use, for example a tool shed. With most other types of Wendy houses, you just really need to take into account the size but a guard hut requires a little bit of tactical thinking. There are various factors to consider. Now let me be clear. In a perfect world you would be building a large brick structure with bullet proof glass, which is tinted for the guards to see out but not allow others to see in except perhaps through a specific area. We don’t live in a perfect world though and often we find that the security budget does not allow for the construction of a ‘made to order’ building. This where the use of a properly planned wendy house for use as a guard house comes in. The relatively lower cost of a  wooden guard house, often allows for custom design. Some of the factors we need to consider when building  customised guard houses are:

  • The nature of the threat faced by the installation where the guard hut is based.
  • The nature of the site.
  • The size of the space available.
  • The budget.
  • How many guards will use the guard house at a time.
  • What tactical equipment will need to be stored in there.
  • What technical equipment will need to be charged in there.
  • Will the guard house be used to house expensive CCTV equipment.
  • Which direction will the guard house be facing and hence, where will windows be placed.

Guard houses for small sites.

If there’s no space and the guard house will be used by just one or two guards and you have to place the guard hut on a public pavement, you’ll probably have no option but to take the smallest and simplest guard/wendy house available. As long as there’s space for one chair, a shelf to hold an OB book, a plug to charge a two way radio radio and cell phone, a light fitting if it will be used at night, then you should be fine. Just remember to place a lock on the door, especially if your guards only work a day shift. There are also steel burglar bars available from certain reputable suppliers.

Guard houses for larger or high risk sites.

If you’re buying a guard house for larger site or for that matter a higher risk site, where you’ve got more guards on shift and possibly more shifts. This will mean new factors to consider. The guard house would need to be large enough to accomodate 2 chairs, a table. A shelf and multiple plug points to include basics for the guards, such as possibly a microwave and kettle, but more importantly, their standard eqipment such as radios etc but also other technology items like DVR’s camera servers etc, which not only require space and power but possibly need to be secured in waterproof and tamper resistant housing, which can also be quite large. This may also require burglar bars depending on what equipment you have in there and how often the guard house will be accessed and by whom.

Windows for guard houses.

Where the site is accessed and the most likely direction of a possible attack will determine where and how you position your guard house. This is something you’ll have to think about when making your purchase as the windows of the guard house will need to face towards the direction that the threat is coming from or your security personel won’t see the threat coming if they’re inside. Over and above that, there needs to be enough space inside that the guards can position themsleves in such a way that their equipment is not blocking the windows. If you don’t take this into account, then guards are likely to place their chairs in the wrong direction to allow an easy exit if the guard house is very small and this means that they literally will be facing the wrong way. This leads to them not identifying a potential threat in time, making your site andf your security officer vulnerable. Guards in guard houses without adequate windows are also more likely to sleep at night.

This article could easily go on and on but it’s not really meant as a tactical lesson. More just some things to think about when buying a new guard house. If you’re buying multiple guard houses, there’s all the more reason to think things through carefully first and use a supplier who can customise your guard hut. Good luck.