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Nambi Houtmark and Solid Log Homes



  •  25 Lavender Road
  • Wonderboom
  • Pretoria
  • 082 776 2001

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Break away from the cold brick houses & let your holiday habit become one with nature!

We build both quality wendy houses and log Homes anywhere in South Africa.  Our specialised teams are fully trained and complete all projects with professional care and on time.

General information

We are one of only two companies in South Africa that build these log homes.
We build according to any plan and our homes can be changed to suit your needs.
We build anywhere in South Africa. No transport costs within a radius of 300km from Pretoria.
The standard height of the house is 2.4m above the ground, that can be utilized as a parking space or extra rooms later when required.  The height can be lowered with no difference in price.
Our houses are build with a CCA treated log according to code 082.
Our houses are build according to SABS standards and are classified the same as any brick house.
Maintenance on your house is very low because only the sun and rain side walls needs treatment approximately every five years.
The walls inside the house needs no maintenance at all.
The floor can be cleaned with a wet cloth/mop an polished as necessary.
We’re suppliers of:

All Timber Species
Knotty Pine
Door Frames
Post & Rails
Poles & Grass
Log Profiles
Sliding Doors & Window Frames
Building Materials


The poles are made in accordance with the SABS standards (code 457/1928).
Both fire & water proof in accordance with SABS standards (code 082).

No musty inside walls
Low maintenance cost
Blends in with the environment!
Cool in summer & Cosy in winter

NAMBI Houtmark and Solid Log Homes are in business for 24 years. We are one of 2 companies in South Africa that build real “Solid” Log Homes. Our product and building method is patent and therefore we take pride in our workmanship. Visit our “Solid” Log Homes website at www.nambi.co.za

Nambi Houtmark/Timber division has an extremely diverse customer base, retailers, builders, handyman and DIY.
Nambi has a well-stocked wholesale outlet on 25 Lavender Road, Wonderboom for Wendy house and Log Homes builders. As well as other contractors for roofing, ceilings, benches, fencing and decking.

Nambi Houtmark is manufacturers of S.A Pine Profiles timber, Flooring, Decking and Wendy Logs and thicker log products.  With our well-trained staff, we use modern machinery; produce high quality products in a variety of Pine Profiles which includes:  Halfrounds, Quadrants, The Company also stock Hardwood Profiles in Saligna.  All manufacturing processes are being quality controlled on a daily basis to ensure only the best quality products.

Nambi Houtmark and Solid Log Homes are the pride owners of “New Floor” timber treatment. has been using “New Floor” timber treatment for the past 15 years.


Quality built Wendy Houses – built to specs
Sales conditions

75% payments are required with placement of orders.
Outstanding 25% payable when delivered.
The purchase prices quoted for the above are calculated on the basis of the current supplier price list.
Wendy`s to be treated with wood preservative (waksol) 3 (three) weeks after installation and thereafter on an annual basis by client.

The client is responsible for the bricks.
Unpainted corrugated iron roof
No insulation for roof. (Optional extra)

Side walls 2.0 m high. Baby logs 15 mm planks tongue & groove with a smooth finish. Pine tongue & groove wooden floor. 300 mm around wendy/roof is needed for proper assembly.