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Golden wendy houses

For quality wendy houses, Granny cottages, Servant’s Cottages, Storerooms,
Guard Houses, Classrooms & Dog Kennels

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Golden Wendys is a wendy house manufacturing company. We started operating in 2001 in Gauteng Province and 2007 in KZN Province. We are also covering Mpumalanga Province, North West Province, Limpopo Province, part of Eastern Cape and Free State Province.

Our wendy houses are mainly lourve style made out of pine wood and pallet wood also of pine wood. We make granny cottages, guard rooms, classrooms, Servant’s Cottages, Store rooms, dog kennels and lodge houses.

Type of wendy houses we make
-Lourve style
-Knot pine
-Toung and groove
-Log cabins

We make any size that the customer may request depends on his/her specifications.
Our wendy houses are made of panels/sides,wooden floor, roof mainly corrugated iron sheets (galvanized) windows and doors.
2m x 2m R4 000.00
3m x 3m R5 500.00
4m x 3m R6 500.00
4m x 4m R8 000.00
3m x 6m R11 000.00

For any of the above or smaller sizes payment is cash on delivery basis. These are standard sizes but we have provisions of other small or big sizes. For any big sizes we charge R580 per square meter, if it is lourver style.
The verandah attracts any extra charge and also if the customer wants some extra windows we charge an extra fee, depending on the size of the window. The above prices does not includes transport and installation charges. The transport and installation charges will vary from place to place so the customer has to notify us where exactly the wendy will be installed so that he/she will be given the actual total cost of the wendy house.

For any big wendy houses or bigger than 36m2, the customer issuppose to pay a deposit of 40% into the company banking account. Details will be given before the work commences /start. We also do big sizes and do partitioning of the wendy houseseg, bedroom, kitchen and toilet bathroom,
We do not do electrical and plumbing. The customer might want some extras eg isolation paper to reduce heat, the cost of this will vary depending ,on the size of the wendy house. Our wendy houses are treated with wax oil outside, the customer will have to keep treating the wendy house on yearly basis, so that it will last longer. We do guarantee our work for five year on leakages. Ceiling, side walling or floor tiling is not included on all our prices but the customer might request us to do for her/him at an agreed cost. If the customer want the wendy house on poles, we have to charge that job separately depending on the size of the wendy house and length of the poles.

When the customer wants a wendy house, he/she is suppose to provide bricks for the wendy house, number of bricks will depend on the size and level of the ground where the wendy house will be installed.Most of our wendy houses will be installed on bricks so that water/rainy will flow underneath the wendy house.
The customer has to give at least two days before delivery and installation date and the customer should confirm his/her order by sms or emailing her address to us before we start making her/his wendy house.

Contact Person:- Warren Bishop Joe

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