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KwaZulu-Natal (KZN)

Wendy houses  KZN

Wendy houses KZN

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Golden Wendys.

We ultimately aim to list each and every manufacturer of Wendy houses in the whole of Kwa-Zulu Natal. The goal is to make it super easy for anyone looking for a wendy supplier in the area to find exactly what they’re looking for. If you’re looking for storage pace for just about anything from a garden shed to a granny flat, from a guard hut to a dog kennel. We think you’ll find that a wendy house is the perfect way to go.

Famous for it’s incredible climate, KwaZulu-Natal is truly the ‘garden province’. With the capital of Pietermaritzburg and the large holiday city of Durban and neighboring Pinetown, KZN as it’s often called is fantastic part of South Africa. If you’re searching for Wendy houses KZN, you’ve come to the right place.KZN is bordered by the warm indian ocean and South African’s love it for being a wonderful December destination. You know you’ve arrived when you see the banana trees. Whether you’re just in the province for a holiday at the South coast or you’re there to see the beautiful Natal midlands, KwaZulu Natal does not dissapoint.

The people of KZN are a friendly bunch. The warm weather and sugar cane fields are just some of the fabulous features of the province. Durban is growing rapidly and has the largest port in South Africa. Pietermaritzburg is a thriving town and all the little towns in between make KZN a truly unique place to live, work and relax. There are some fantastic manufacturers of wendy’s in the province. Wendy houses KZN suppliers are happy to assist you with the setup and delivery of your new Wendy.