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Wendy houses for sale

Wendy Houses for sale

Wendy Houses for sale

If you’re looking for a wendy house, , just hover your mouse over the Wendy houses for sale menu item above to see all our supplier listings. As you move across the menu, you’ll see that we have split the suppliers by province and by city or town so that for example, you’ll hover over ‘Wendy houses for sale’ and when you move your mouse over that. you’ll see the option for ‘ Gauteng’ open up and then as you move further, you’ll see the cities open up and if you keep following the process, you’ll see the suppliers for each area open up. This site aims to make it as easy as pie to find what you are looking for with our massive and exhaustive list of Wendy house suppliers.

This website is undoubtably the most comprehensive list of businesses that have Wendy houses for sale in South Africa. Our directory has split the places where you can buy Wendy houses into provinces, cities and towns. We list the addresses, and contact information of the people and companies who sell Wendy’s to make locating a supplier near you, that much easier to find. This means that you have more options to choose from and that will lead to you getting better prices  and finding supplier who’s close to where you are.

Sale of Wendy houses.

As Wendyhouses.co.za, we list wendy houses for sale from various suppliers, however through this website, we do not physically sell Wendy’s ourselves. When you contact a Wendy house supplier who’s listed in the directory, we are not involved in the sale it’s-self. We merely make the information available to you as a potential customer. It’s important as a consumer to find out all the details you can from the actual Wendy house dealer that you intend to buy from so that your purchase is smooth and hassle free.

Questions to ask when buying a Wendy House.

small wendy houseAs you prepare to make your purchase from one of the listed suppliers that we have of Wendy houses for sale, make sure to find out where they are located. Ask how much delivery and installation will be? Ask if they have a guarantee and if it’s a wooden Wendy house, ask if it has been treated for weather and insects. Is it shiplap or tongue and groove?

When looking for Wendy houses for sale, find out if the Wendy house you intend to buy includes any additional features that you may need. Eg. Verandahs, stable doors, windows, burglar bars etc and find out what the roof will be made out of and if it they offer insulation.  Ask  how long it will take for delivery and what kind of maintenance is required. Do they treat their products? Also, ensure that you have a flat surface that is suitable to place your new wendy house upon when it arrives. If you do not, ask the supplier whether they can supply bricks to level the wendy house or if they build it on stilts so that it is kept level. If they do offer these things, remember to find out if they cost extra. Also find out if the manufacturer offers a guarantee on their work. Some of them may offer up  to 5 years as a warranty.

There are many places listing Wendy houses for sale and we hope that you find the right Wendy house to suit your needs. They are such a great way to provide that extra storage space you need or even to live in. Wendy houses are the ultimate environmentally friendly and cost effective, flexible solution to the many challenges we face in South Africa of  where to keep our goods and even where to house people.

From garden sheds to granny flats, Wendy houses are absolutely ideal and can be customised in ways that other forms of accomodation and storage simply can not and it’s all for a fraction of the price of a brick structure. The great benefit of the way wooden wendy houses are built is that if you need windows in a different place so that your wendy house can have one side against a wall, then just let the supplier know and they can usually make a plan for you. It’s important that you discuss specifics with the manufacturer first as you don’t want to be caught by surprize. There are also some suppliers who offer payment plans, so if you’re not able to pay the entire stucture off at once, some manufacturers may be able to assist. The wendy houses for sale menu published on this website aims to help you find sellers of Wendy houses from Pretoria to Mossel bay. We hope this helps you to find a Wendy house supplier in your area.

Wendy house interior wallsAs the industry has grown, there are many areas of South Africa where it is becoming more common for people to actually choose to live in a Wendy house instead of a brick and mortar home. The advantages a wendy can offer in terms of cost compared to a large brick structure can be substantial. These days, you can get everything from finance to insurance on your new structure and when many companies advertise their Wendy houses for sale, they’ll be able to suggest how you can get those factors in place so that you can afford to buy your new wendy house and make sure that it’s around for many years to come. the truth is that these days it can be extemely difficult to enter the property market with a brick home but if you can afford a plot and a Wendy house to go on it, then you can at least take advantage of being a home owner at a fraction of the cost. That being said, even if it’s a just a small add on that you’re looking for to store things in your garden, Wendy houses really are a great solution.