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DIY Wendy houses

Fancy a bit of DIY? DIY Wendy houses can be very rewarding to build. For those of you who like to get your hands dirty with a little DIY, there are now DIY Wendy house kits available or you can just pop into your local hardware store, grab the materials you need and get started. There are some very good DIY wendy house plans on the market if you’re looking to do things the right way and they’re actually quite reasonable.  Some people don’t like the idea of DIY but for those who do, what is awesome is that you can now buy flat packed Wendy’s and erect them yourself at home.

Looking to do your next big DIY project? Maybe you need some storage space at home or you’re looking to create an awesome playhouse for the kids. DIY wendy houses come in all shapes and sizes and it can be immensely rewarding to do a project like that. For those brave souls who want to really sink their teeth into it, you can actually build your own wendy house from scratch, although obviously you’ll need a good set of plans for DIY Wendy houses and a whole heap of self confidence.

Getting ready for construction of your DIY Wendy house.

Once you’re ready to construct your new DIY Wendy house, you’ll need to decide where you’ll be placing it and prepare the space by making sure that it’s clear and that the ground is compact. Try leave an extra half a meter around the space for you to work.
Tools you’ll probably need.

  1. A drill.
  2. A set of Tin snips.
  3. A sturdy step ladder.
  4. A spirit level
  5. A tape measure
  6. A good quality hand saw
  7. Elbow grease (only kidding on the last one but you will break a sweat)

We’ll do our best to include all the DIY wendy houses that we can find and try to get the suppliers who offer these options on board asap.