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Wooden wendy houses

Many people prefer wooden wendy houses over new technologies like fibre cement, plastic etc. There are obviously advantages and disadvantages to each. Wooden Wendy houses are the norm in South Africa and by far have the most charm and character.

When buying or building a wooden wendy house, there are a few things that you should be aware of. One advantage of using wood to build a wendy house is that it is easier to modify wooden structures (i.e., than metal sheds) by adding windows, doors, shelving etc because wood can be cut and drilled using commonly available tools. Some homeowners may prefer wooden wendy houses because wood is a renewable resource.

It’s important to note what wood is being used as certain types of wood are more naturally resistant to water damage than others.

Wendy house owners can customize wooden wendy houses to match the features (e.g., paint colour, trim, etc.) of the main house. A number of decorative options can be added to wendy houses, such as shutters, flowerboxes and weathervanes. Various other, practical options can be added such as benches, ramps, ventilation systems (e.g., in cases where a swimming pool heater is installed in a wendy house), and even electric lighting which is very useful if you’re using your Wendy house as a guard house or for a similar purpose. Wendy houses designed for gardening or those used as potting sheds, sometimes feature windows or skylights to let the light in, vents for ventilation and may include extra features such as a bench which can be used for mixing soil and potting plants.

Wooden wendy houses have a natural look that can blend in well with garden environments.

Despite the strength of wood, over time, if left untreated and neglected wood can rot, split, warp or become susceptible to mold and mildew, so wooden wendy houses should always be treated for protection. Wooden wendy houses need regular maintenance. One can do this by preventing foliage and general rubbish from piling up against the walls and on the roof, and now and again, one should actually rot-proof the Wendy house with a decent wood preservative. Other threats to Wendy houses are fire and termites. Wendy’s are sometimes also re-stained or varnished at times for aesthetic reasons.

Staining and preserving fo wooden wendy houses.

Stains and preservatives can be applied to wooden Wendy houses to prevent damage to the wood caused by exposure to rain, damp ground, UV light, harsh climatic conditions, fungal attack and wood-boring insects. If a coloured preservative oil or stain is used, a wooden wendy house can either be made to stand out as a feature within a garden, or to blend in with its surroundings. It’s all up to you.

Using a product like Waxsol is normally fine. Linseed oil is also suitable although it is time consuming to apply and relatively expensive. If you are looking for an alternative, any wood varnish could work, however you need to be careful as it may stain the wood, giving it a darker finish. If the wendy house is constructed using shiplap, then varnish is more suitable as you don’t have to rub it on and it can just be applied using a paintbrush. If it is constructed out of tongue and groove, then you can look at painting it or varnishing it, although there is a chance that painting the panels will lead to sealing between the joints and limiting natural movement, causing the paint to crack.

Wendy houses can be stained or painted to not only protect the wood but to keep your wendy house looking great. Wood staining is perfect for those of us who just want to enjoy mucking about in our Wendy house, without having to spend heaps of our time maintaining the way it looks outside. Staining is generally easy to apply and can be brought as an additional purchase from most wendy house suppliers or building supply stores. You can simply stain it yourself after you install your wendy. An alternative is to purchase a wendy house with a natural finish and let it fade as time goes buy. Many people really enjoy that look, whilst for others staining their wendy house is the most practical option and will guarantee that your wendy house will look great for years to come.

Building regulations for Wendy houses.

Depending on what purpose your Wendy is being used for, it may be important to comply with South African building codes. Wendyhouses.co.za had a chat to leading industry expert, Peter Bissett of “Cottage concepts’ who actually specialises in Timber frame houses as opposed to Wendy houses and we thought his advice could come in handy for our readers. Essentially what he advised us is that there are many pitfalls in building a wendy house if it is your intention to use it to live in.

“Wendy houses do not comply with any of the building regulations or the code of practise for timber structures, SANS 10082.

Some of the town councils are now getting strict and are insisting on an engineers certificate before they will issue a rates clearance certificate should the owner want to sell the property. Insurance companies are also insisting on an inspection by the Institute of Timber Frame Builders before insuring the main dwelling because of the risk imposed by the wendy house, to the main house, due to fire or damage caused by the wendy house blowing apart in a heavy gust of wind similar to the tornado which struck Link Hills in KZN recently.
Banks are now also insisting on an inspection by the Institute when someone wants to bond a property. This can severly restrict persons wishing to purchase a property on which a wendy house is erected even if it is the 2nd dwelling.”


This advice is obviously important for our readers to take heed of and your decision on what to buy or build should take this information into account. We’ll endeavour to keep this article up to date should we get more info on the topic of building regulations and anything else we can find to help you with whatever you need to know about wooden wendyhouses.


Nutec Wendy houses

If you looking for Nutec Wendy houses, look no further! Nutec Wendy houses are available from many of the suppliers listed on our pages. Just pick the nearest supplier to you by looking through our wendy houses for sale menu and give them a call now.

While wood is still very popular as a material for wendy houses, Nutec is a fibre cement option that offers a variety of benefits. Nutec does cost a bit more so it’s not the best option if you’re looking for the cheapest deal. It is however super durable. It lasts longer than wood and requires almost no treatment.It’s resistant to fire, rodents and is also resistant to fungus. This makes it an ideal option for areas where maintenance is difficult.

If you’re looking for storage space and you just know that a wendy house is the perfect solution to your problems but you’re worried about the regular treatment of wood, then Nutec is the perfect material for you. Whether it s for a new garden shed, a granny flat, a dog kennel or a guard house, a wendy house should soulve the problem.

Nutec is also a great insulator and is easy to paint. This new material is also free of asbestos , and is environmentally friendly. Give one of our listed suppliers a call now for more information on Nutec Wendy houses.


Wendy house construction

Looking for Wendy house construction companies or even how to build your own wendy house, look no further. We list every single place that produces wendy houses in the entire country plus DIY tips. Take a look through our ‘wendy houses for sale’ menu and just hover over your area to find the manufacturer closes to you. You’ll be amazed at how many places we’ve managed to find that offer construction of wendy houses.

We offer information on wendy house plans and so that you can actually do the wendy house construction yourself if you’re the type who likes a bit of DIY. For most people though, we have plenty of listed companies that specialise in the construction of wendy houses so that virtually no matter where in the country you live, you should be able to find a company nearby that can build you a fantastic wendy house and a fantastic price.


Cheap Wendy houses for sale!

Wendy houses provide the most fantastic, affordable way to add storage space to your home. Whether you’re looking for a place to live or just an extra storage area for your home, we list all the suppliers we can find in your area. This means that if you’re looking for cheap wendy houses for sale, you’ve come to the right place.

When it comes to cost saving on storage space, we take your needs seriously. Our site aims to list every single wendy house manufacturer and supplier, country wide. This means that you can easily find a place that’s as close to where you as possible. Closer, means lower delivery fees and the number of listings we have means you have more choices. This can only be a good thing if you’re looking to save money when buying a wendy house.

We try keep every single supplier of Wendy houses in the country. Obviously you want good quality but if you’re looking for cheap Wendy houses for sale, the only way you’ll be sure to get the very best deal on a wendy house is by scrolling through our menu by area and getting various quotes. This way you’re absolutely assured to get the very best deal.

In order to see to it that you get great value for money, we’ve split our menu up into provinces and cities. You can really shop by location and by looking through all your local manufacturers, you can really get fantastic wendy house prices.

Cheap wendy houses for sale are not that easy to find if you have to drive around looking for a plot that you think you once saw down a road that you kind of remember. If on the other hand, you take a look through our pages, we’re quite confident that you’ll find affordable wendy houses nearby. Let us know if you have any hassles and we’ll be happy to help wherever possible. If we don’t have a wendy house seller near to you, let us know and we’ll go out of our way to help you find one. We’ve even put a place on our site where people can advertise their used wendy houses just to that you can really find affordable Wendy’s no matter what.


Guard houses

What makes a good guard house? Well there are many factors and quite honestly, a lot of it comes down to budget. Guard houses are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes but there are a few things we need to take into account when building or buying a security guard house that go above and beyond a wendy house that would have another use, for example a tool shed. With most other types of Wendy houses, you just really need to take into account the size but a guard hut requires a little bit of tactical thinking. There are various factors to consider. Now let me be clear. In a perfect world you would be building a large brick structure with bullet proof glass, which is tinted for the guards to see out but not allow others to see in except perhaps through a specific area. We don’t live in a perfect world though and often we find that the security budget does not allow for the construction of a ‘made to order’ building. This where the use of a properly planned wendy house for use as a guard house comes in. The relatively lower cost of a  wooden guard house, often allows for custom design. Some of the factors we need to consider when building  customised guard houses are:

  • The nature of the threat faced by the installation where the guard hut is based.
  • The nature of the site.
  • The size of the space available.
  • The budget.
  • How many guards will use the guard house at a time.
  • What tactical equipment will need to be stored in there.
  • What technical equipment will need to be charged in there.
  • Will the guard house be used to house expensive CCTV equipment.
  • Which direction will the guard house be facing and hence, where will windows be placed.

Guard houses for small sites.

If there’s no space and the guard house will be used by just one or two guards and you have to place the guard hut on a public pavement, you’ll probably have no option but to take the smallest and simplest guard/wendy house available. As long as there’s space for one chair, a shelf to hold an OB book, a plug to charge a two way radio radio and cell phone, a light fitting if it will be used at night, then you should be fine. Just remember to place a lock on the door, especially if your guards only work a day shift. There are also steel burglar bars available from certain reputable suppliers.

Guard houses for larger or high risk sites.

If you’re buying a guard house for larger site or for that matter a higher risk site, where you’ve got more guards on shift and possibly more shifts. This will mean new factors to consider. The guard house would need to be large enough to accomodate 2 chairs, a table. A shelf and multiple plug points to include basics for the guards, such as possibly a microwave and kettle, but more importantly, their standard eqipment such as radios etc but also other technology items like DVR’s camera servers etc, which not only require space and power but possibly need to be secured in waterproof and tamper resistant housing, which can also be quite large. This may also require burglar bars depending on what equipment you have in there and how often the guard house will be accessed and by whom.

Windows for guard houses.

Where the site is accessed and the most likely direction of a possible attack will determine where and how you position your guard house. This is something you’ll have to think about when making your purchase as the windows of the guard house will need to face towards the direction that the threat is coming from or your security personel won’t see the threat coming if they’re inside. Over and above that, there needs to be enough space inside that the guards can position themsleves in such a way that their equipment is not blocking the windows. If you don’t take this into account, then guards are likely to place their chairs in the wrong direction to allow an easy exit if the guard house is very small and this means that they literally will be facing the wrong way. This leads to them not identifying a potential threat in time, making your site andf your security officer vulnerable. Guards in guard houses without adequate windows are also more likely to sleep at night.

This article could easily go on and on but it’s not really meant as a tactical lesson. More just some things to think about when buying a new guard house. If you’re buying multiple guard houses, there’s all the more reason to think things through carefully first and use a supplier who can customise your guard hut. Good luck.


Wendy house plans free download.

Wendy house plans free download image

Wendy house plans free download-Get these plans by clicking the link on the right.

Looking free Wendy house plans? So were we. It seems like they’re not that easy to come by but we did manage to find a set that are really good. It’s a free giveaway from US based shed plan supplier who have provided a set of plans free to promote their paid set of woodwork plans. We were looking for a Wendy house plans free download and came across this PDF which you can download here: Wendy house plans free download.

The only challenge is that all the measurements are listed in feet and inches, which could make it tricky as you have to convert all the measurements yourself. The actual plans are solid though and you should be able to find all the equivalent materials at your local South African hardware store, so if you’re good at DIY and looking for some new storage space, give it a bash.


Looking for Wendy houses for kids. Check out these kids Wendy houses.

Wendy houses for kids can be an awesome way to keep your little ones playing outside in a healthy environment where they can let their imaginations go wild and have fun without being cooped up inside. There are a great many ways to make a plain and simple little wendy house in the garden transform into a fantastic play area for your children. Many suppliers of Wendys will assist by building a small wendy house for you and you can paint them in a variety of bright and fun colours which your kids will love. They can keep some of their favourite toys inside and have everything from little tea parties with their friends inside to turning them into imaginary castles. Take a look at our menu to find a supplier near you who can build the perfect little wendy house for children in your garden. You can even have fun with your kids, by going on a mission to find some cute little furniture for their Wendy house.

wendy houses for kids

wendy houses for kids

Kids Wendy houses are really not that different to your standard wendy houses so it just takes a little bit of creativity to make them look beautiful and exciting. You can cut out some fun shapes and attach them to the walls and doors and add little extras like a chimney to your kids playhouse. It won’t take much and they’ll completely at home in their new wendy house.

Speak to manufacturers in your area and get some quotes. You’ll find that wendyhouses for kids offer great value when you compare the cost to what taking the kids out a few times out and entertaining them would come to.The best part is that even if they do end up writing all over the walls inside with their crayons, it’s not a train smash and they can really go a little wild without driving you crazy. Whether they’re playing at being Hansel and Gretal or just relaxing with a game. There’s no doubt plenty of healthy fun to be had.

Wendy houses for kids often offer many years of joy to a child. Many parents find it incredibly frustrating how they buy expensive toys for their children, only to find them completely destroyed a few days later. With a good solid kiddies wendy house, at least you know that they can have fun for a long, long time. When it comes to kids Wendy houses, we’re only really limited by our imaginations so here we’ve taken a look at various websites and put together some ideas for…

Wendy houses for kids.

Simple is fun!

Wendy house from recycled pallets.

wooden-pallet-childrens-play-houseSource: Webecoist








Wedge play house.

Source: Gardenista







This one is taken from compare4kids









We also wanted to find the most insane examples we could, of what could be accomplished with some crazy imagination, masses of of cash and some serious power tools. Check these out:

Pirate ship wendy house.

playhouse shipSource: Poshtots








Fantasy house

Source: Houzz
Got 90 grand to spend? How about this Bavarian playhouse?


Need a Kids playhouse? Check out these playhouses for Kids

Back in the day, if you wanted a kids playhouse you would have had a tough time. You probably would have had to build it yourself. These days, things are different. If you’re a DIY kind of guy, you can still have a blast building your kids a wooden playhouse from scratch but the truth is, these days, with all the materials available, you can normally just buy playhouses for kids or have one of our listed suppliers make you exactly what you want.


 A kids playhouse can be such fun.

There are so many types of playhouses available and you can have one of the suppliers in our menu build you one or there are also many options available in wood, plastic or Nutec. You can paint wooden playhouses in bright and funky colours and really make them exciting. We’ll be looking to feature the perfect kids playhouse options here on this site as soon as possible so that you can really see the choices available. By making some slight additions by way of extra features, you can seriously transform a very average looking wendy into a wonderful playhouse for the children. It doesn’t take much to have them completely enthralled by the smart new addition to your garden.

Your kids can have loads of fun in a playhouse and it really is a great way to keep them entertained without having to keep them like like little robots in front of the TV. The choice of plastic and wooden fantasy houses for children in South Africa is slowly improving and it just takes a bit of shopping around to find the right playhouse for your kids.

Examples of playhouses for kids.

There are some great ways to create a wonderful playhouse for your kids. Take a look at this video for some fabulous playhouse ideas. They make stunning use of colour and different shapes to make them a joyful place for kids to play and enjoy themselves while you relax.


and here’s how one family made and awesome playhouse for their little one. What fun!


How to build a wendy house

Many people are looking to actually build their own Wendy houses so we thought we’d show you how it’s done by sourcing some decent videos on how to build a wendy house DIY style. If you’re one of those that are looking at actually building a wendy house yourself, hopefully these videos will show you what can be done.

There’s no doubt about it, if you want to build a wendy house all by yourself, you’d better be prepared to work hard and smart but it’s a great way to save money and get exactly what you want. All the building materials you need will be available at your large hardware store locally and as long as you have the tools you need, you’ll be just fine.

Learning how to make a wendy house is challenging but fun and a really practical DIY project. Check out your local hardware store and get yourself a decent set of plans and learn as you go along.

This video of How to Build a Wendy house by Famous Dave shows you the whole process from start to finish.


This video by Normanton History shows how an awesome dad figured out how to make a Wendy house for his kids out of wooden pallets that rocks.

This one by Nino Ransenberg shows how to go about building a wendy house for your children that has a character all of it’s own.


5 Ultra modern Wendy houses that showcase cutting edge design.

Wendy houses don’t have to be a bleak fixture at the back of the garden. If you’re using your Wendy house as a home office, a showroom or a granny flat, there’s no rule that says it has to look like a standard tool shed. Check out these cutting edge Wendy house designs and let your creativity run wild!

This one via inhabitat is small, practical and looks awesome!



This one via bamboofurnituresale shows what can be done when you really bend your mind.

Round modern wendy house


Super modern and sleek. This design by white horse barns would look fantastic anywhere.Contemporary wendy

Stepping stones design have come up this really cool concept. What I particularly like is the little matching doggy kennel next to it.

Modern Wendy with matching dog kennel

This slick looking Wendy house from Metroshed would really work as anything from a home office to a yoga studio. I’d really like to see one in my yard.

Slick looking Wendy house

These cutting edge designs can really make you forget that a wendy house is just a storage space. Awesome inspirational stuff for sure.