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We have various listing options and banner ad space available ranging from free to paid. The site has a wide audience country wide, looking just for Wendy houses.

The options are:

  1. A free listing.
  2. A premium listing.
  3. A banner ad.
  4. A classified ad( second hand Wendy’s only).

Read on for more detailed info.

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For banner advertising, we currently have two spaces available at R1000.00 per month each. We offer a 98px x 753px top banner and  a 281px x 332px side banner .  You get to place a banner advertising your business on the top or the side of our website as shown. The best part is that it can link straight through to your own website if you have one.

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Grab your free listing now!

Advertise your Wendy houses here at Wendyhouses.co.za!  Our aim is let the public get as much information as possible when they decide to buy a wendy house.We categorise our business pages by area to make the whole process as easy as possible. When you add your business to our site, you’re not just getting a banner on some unrelated site that has people looking for all sorts of things or nothing at all. When you list your business on WendyHouses.Co.Za, you’re getting an entire page devoted to you on a highly specialised and focused website. Even though we get so many vistors, they’re not just random people. They’re people actively looking for Wendy houses and hungry to buy.

The only people who come onto WendyHouses.Co.Za are people looking for Wendy houses. It’s that simple. There’s not really any other reason for someone to be on our site. So you’re not just getting people seeing your page but people that are actually looking to buy a wendy house.

Here’s how to get started. It’s really simple.  Grab your  Free listing here

or check out our other options for even more value:

There are three options:

Option A:  Free listing:

Our Free listing option allows you to add the name of your business, it’s physical address and a telephone number. All so that customers looking for Wendy houses in you area can find and contact you easily.

Free listing entries submitted to us will be placed live on the site within 7 working days. All this is totally free!

To claim your free listing simply send us your business name, contact number and the physical address using the form below.

Name (required)

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Yes please sign me up for a free listing


Option B: A premium listing:

An entire page devoted just to your business. (Here’s an example of what you get)

  • Your business name
  • Your logo
  • Your page can include a business description of anything up to 3000 words of written content as supplied by you to tell your customers about your business and your Wendy houses.
  • Anything up to 18 images in a beautiful gallery so that your customers can see what you have to offer.
  • We’ll list your address and up to four contact numbers so that people can find you.
  • We’ll include an anti-spam contact form so that people can contact you easily straight from your listing.
  • We’ll add a link straight to your website if you have one.

How does it work?

Fill in the form at the bottom of the page stating that you’d like to add your page. We’ll send you an invoice and once your payment has been received, you email us all the typed content and images that you’d like to put on our site.

Within 7 days from receipt of your payment and content, your page will be live on the web to showcase your business.

Please note that all images of Wendy houses that you supply must belong to you and any typed content you send to us must be unique. (In other words, it can not have been copied and pasted from anywhere else on the web.) We want your page to be special!

How much does it cost?

You get all this for only R500.00 per month which you pay via EFT. No contracts or tie-ins, just great value for money. Does that sound good? Great. Lets get started.

Name (required)

Name of business

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Yes please sign me up for a Premium listing for only R500.00 per month and no fixed contract


Option C:  Super saver premium listing:

With the super saver premium listing option you get absolutely everything that you get with the premium listing but you save a whopping amount of money. You pay only R125.00 per month. That’s right, only R125.00 per month. What’s the catch you ask. Well it’s simple. To qualify for the super saver option, you need to pay up front for 12 months. So that’s R1500.00 for an entire year. Over the course of a year, you literally save R4500.00 on your highly relevant advertising. If you compare it to the premium listing, It’s like paying for 3 months and getting 9 months free.

Name (required)

Name of business

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Yes please sign me up for a Super saver premium listing at only R1500.00 for a whole year.

Feeling a bit confused. Our handy comparison chart should sort that out.

Awesome featuresFree listingPremium listingSuper saver
Premium listing
CostTotally free!R500.00 upfront per month via EFT
No contracts
R125.00 per month paid up front for 12 months in full (R1500.00).
Business nameYesYesYes
Contact numbers1Up to 4Up to 4
Business address included.YesYesYes
Business descriptionNoUp to 3000 words to tell people about your business and sell your Wendy housesUp to 3000 words to tell people about your business and sell your Wendy houses
Link to your website.NoYesYes
Number of images to show off your products01818
email addressNoNot unless specified as we use an anti-spam contact form.Not unless specified as we use an anti-spam contact form.
Anti-spam contact formNoYesYes