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About us

We seek out and add every Wendy house supplier that we can find to our site, so that consumers can easily find the closest supplier of Wendy’s. Wendyhouses.co.za is the single biggest source of information on Wendy houses on the internet. The demand for Wendy houses in South Africa is massive and growing and consumers are looking online for answers to their questions. With so many people seeking information online regarding suppliers of Wendy houses as well for information on how to build and maintain their Wendy house, we felt there was a need for a website like this to take the initiative and provide as many answers as possible.

Here at wendyhouses.co.za, we don’t actually sell Wendy’s ourselves. We provide a platform for Wendy house providers to showcase their wares in such a way that consumers looking to buy one can find their information and contact details easily. The goal is ultimately to cover the whole of South Africa and become the ultimate source of Wendy house information.  The pages provided for suppliers of Wendy houses give them an opportunity to load information about their businesses that includes a photo gallery and their contact info. This in turn allows people looking to purchase a Wendy house to find a supplier in their area, which makes delivery costs that much lower and because the information is readily available, they can look at the images provided by the supplier and learn about the company before interacting with them. An informed customer can make a better buying decision which means a satisfied customer and in turn, this leads to a good customer relationship for the Wendy house supplier.

We hope that the people who use this website will be the most educated and informed wendy house buyers around and that the people who use our website to gain customers will find that the type of people who contact them via our website will be the kind of people that are informed and ready to make a decision they can be pleased with.

Happy Wendy house hunting!