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6 fantastically fabulous Wendy Houses

Obviously Wendy houses serve a purpose and need to be practical but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with turning the Wendy house in your garden into it’s main feature. The Wendy’s below are great examples when creative artistry meets wonderful workmanship. These Wendy houses must have taken serious planning and dedication to build but the Wow factor is incredible. Imagine stepping out into your garden and seeing one of these!

Fantasy Wendy house.

This one by ‘The rustic way’ via ‘Apartment therapy‘ is definitely one of my favourites.

Whimsical wendy house

Classical looking wendy house.

This one via the Homestead revival blog is awesome. I love the small details like the light and the Windows.

Classical wendy house

Farm style Wendy house

This one via Busyboo makes me think of a little house in the countryside. It’s in a great spot too, with all the foliage surrounding it.

farm style wendy house


Wendy house in the forest.

This little Wendy amongst the trees via Edwardmcgregory is nice and colourful and I really like the use of the potted flowers arranged around it, making it more than just a storage area.

Forest wendy house

Barn style Wendy house.

This barn design via houzz makes for a really cool addition to the garden and a large useful storage area.

barn style wendy house

Cylindrical garden shed.

This Wendy shaped like a cylindar via Joshomedesign really offers something different and just shows what can be done to change a wendy house from a standard “shed” into something attractive in the garden.

cylindrical wendy house


Isn’t it amazing how the Wendy houses listed above prove that your storage area in the garden can really be a fantastic feature in the garden and really, the center-piece instead of just that ‘garden shed’ at the back of your house.