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Looking for Wendy houses for kids. Check out these kids Wendy houses.

Wendy houses for kids can be an awesome way to keep your little ones playing outside in a healthy environment where they can let their imaginations go wild and have fun without being cooped up inside. There are a great many ways to make a plain and simple little wendy house in the garden transform into a fantastic play area for your children. Many suppliers of Wendys will assist by building a small wendy house for you and you can paint them in a variety of bright and fun colours which your kids will love. They can keep some of their favourite toys inside and have everything from little tea parties with their friends inside to turning them into imaginary castles. Take a look at our menu to find a supplier near you who can build the perfect little wendy house for children in your garden. You can even have fun with your kids, by going on a mission to find some cute little furniture for their Wendy house.

wendy houses for kids

wendy houses for kids

Kids Wendy houses are really not that different to your standard wendy houses so it just takes a little bit of creativity to make them look beautiful and exciting. You can cut out some fun shapes and attach them to the walls and doors and add little extras like a chimney to your kids playhouse. It won’t take much and they’ll completely at home in their new wendy house.

Speak to manufacturers in your area and get some quotes. You’ll find that wendyhouses for kids offer great value when you compare the cost to what taking the kids out a few times out and entertaining them would come to.The best part is that even if they do end up writing all over the walls inside with their crayons, it’s not a train smash and they can really go a little wild without driving you crazy. Whether they’re playing at being Hansel and Gretal or just relaxing with a game. There’s no doubt plenty of healthy fun to be had.

Wendy houses for kids often offer many years of joy to a child. Many parents find it incredibly frustrating how they buy expensive toys for their children, only to find them completely destroyed a few days later. With a good solid kiddies wendy house, at least you know that they can have fun for a long, long time. When it comes to kids Wendy houses, we’re only really limited by our imaginations so here we’ve taken a look at various websites and put together some ideas for…

Wendy houses for kids.

Simple is fun!

Wendy house from recycled pallets.

wooden-pallet-childrens-play-houseSource: Webecoist








Wedge play house.

Source: Gardenista







This one is taken from compare4kids









We also wanted to find the most insane examples we could, of what could be accomplished with some crazy imagination, masses of of cash and some serious power tools. Check these out:

Pirate ship wendy house.

playhouse shipSource: Poshtots








Fantasy house

Source: Houzz
Got 90 grand to spend? How about this Bavarian playhouse?


Need a Kids playhouse? Check out these playhouses for Kids

Back in the day, if you wanted a kids playhouse you would have had a tough time. You probably would have had to build it yourself. These days, things are different. If you’re a DIY kind of guy, you can still have a blast building your kids a wooden playhouse from scratch but the truth is, these days, with all the materials available, you can normally just buy playhouses for kids or have one of our listed suppliers make you exactly what you want.


 A kids playhouse can be such fun.

There are so many types of playhouses available and you can have one of the suppliers in our menu build you one or there are also many options available in wood, plastic or Nutec. You can paint wooden playhouses in bright and funky colours and really make them exciting. We’ll be looking to feature the perfect kids playhouse options here on this site as soon as possible so that you can really see the choices available. By making some slight additions by way of extra features, you can seriously transform a very average looking wendy into a wonderful playhouse for the children. It doesn’t take much to have them completely enthralled by the smart new addition to your garden.

Your kids can have loads of fun in a playhouse and it really is a great way to keep them entertained without having to keep them like like little robots in front of the TV. The choice of plastic and wooden fantasy houses for children in South Africa is slowly improving and it just takes a bit of shopping around to find the right playhouse for your kids.

Examples of playhouses for kids.

There are some great ways to create a wonderful playhouse for your kids. Take a look at this video for some fabulous playhouse ideas. They make stunning use of colour and different shapes to make them a joyful place for kids to play and enjoy themselves while you relax.


and here’s how one family made and awesome playhouse for their little one. What fun!