Prices of wendy houses

When looking to determine what the cost will be of your new wendy house, there are a few things that you’ll need to determine. Firstly, how big is the space available where it will be placed and how big does it need to be. Are you going to have it built for you or are you going to buy one thats been flat packed and erect it yourself. Prices of Wendy houses vary according to the size, design, materials used and you also need to take into account costs of delivery and construction. Supplier prices can vary quite dramatically and it’s always a good idea to shop around.

Common prices of wendy houses.

According to our Wendy Houses prices survey ,sizes will often start at around 1.5M X 1.5M and will cost around R5000.00 and go up to 5 X 3 m and Cost around R14000.00. Prices will obviously vary according to the factors discussed in the last paragraph and you will also need to find out if any optional extras like verandahs etc will add to the cost. Wax oil treatment and other treatments may also affect price. Wood prices will also affect price, eg knotty pine vs SA pine, log profile or even pallet wood. Style can have an effect as well such as if the style is Louvred or not. Think ahead and don’t forget to take into account if you need to lay a concrete slab or if you already have a solid flat space available. An alternative may be to build a stilted base which may add to the cost. Roof construction and windows and doors will also affect prices of Wendy houses.

Deliveries will usually range between R150 and R600 depending on the area although there are some companies that will deliver free if it’s within a certain radius. You should always find out if installation is included.